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時間:2017-11-08 | 來源:http://www.wp1f.com

85 million visitors to Spil’s portals every month are female. More than half their monthly traffic. It looks like the games that are working best for Spil are the more cerebral games where we ask players to think a little rather than simply blasting aliens to pieces !

“Basic optimizations were aimed at removingfreezis and FPS drops on weak configurations. General game performanceshouldn’t change for the general masses of players. In the second test, therewill be some additional fixes: fix of the FPS drop when switching to snipermode on medium and low terrain settings, fix of the game performance whenshooting automatic guns (this was added to test 1 patchnotes by mistake, itwill change only in test 2)”

  萬代南夢宮旗下PS4/PSV平臺游戲《刀劍神域:虛空領悟(Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization)》近日公開了新一批高清游戲截圖。游戲繁體中文版將與日本同步于10月27日發售。

  由專門從事藝術設計的NAKED社主辦的首屆為了表現現代都市文化·魅力的《TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED》(東京城市藝術節)將于2017年6月16日到9月3日期間舉辦。

據悉,玩家隨便付多少錢,第一排的游戲即可免費下載,同時也包含了幾款Steam出品的作品。其中包括了《Art of Fighting 2》, 《Fatal Fury Special》, 《King of the Monsters》, 《Metal Slug 2》, 《Samurai Shodown 2》, 《Sengoku 3》, 《The King of Fighters 2000》 以及 《Baseball Stars 2》。

、TAoG-The Art of Games GmbH的Stephan Reichart、IB Media的Frank Sliwka,以及著名特效制作人Andy Chen等,還有更多海外嘉賓在陸續確定中。如此多的中外各大行業高管齊亮相,使得“DEF”盛會更加具有國際化的看點,同時也為打造游戲界的TED奠定了有利基礎。



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